BabySteps In WPF And XAML

One thing I'm not gonna write is a "Getting Started with Windows Presentation Framework" article.

If you want to get started with wpf/xaml/xbap etc, just go to and see what Joseph Cooney has to say. That site is a fantastic starting point.

Joseph is from an amazing family of programmers.

His brothers Dominic (the japanese cooney) and Patrick (F#) are also programmers and bloggers.

My question for these three prodigious programmers is this:

What sort of computer, if any, did they have when they was kids? And what sort of programming did they used to do, if any?

I'm guessing commodore 64. Or Amstrad (64k or 128k ?) But I await the right answer.

Meanwhile, here's the WPF community site. Something I don't get is why so many sites try to steal the digg look n feel?

I dig what digg does, but i do doubt that duplicating digg is a must-do. (Try saying that three times quickly. While drunk.)

I'll be seeing Joseph at a tech.ed talk he gives today... maybe he'll shed some light on his background.


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