Comparison of three Ajax Portals

Not wishing to harp on ajax portals for too long... but here's a comparison of 'google/ig', and the independent (french?) netvibes, in two categories: weather and aggregator.

The Weather


  1. three day outlook
  2. celsius not available
  3. wind given in 'mph'
  4. entering city was a clunky experience
  5. Sorry but today was NOT sunny
Windows Live:

  1. five day outlook
  2. celsius available :-)
  3. nostalgic windows 3.1 style icons... yuck

  1. four day outlook
  2. celsius available :-)
  3. really groovy icons

Sub-Verdict: Netvibes is the weather master



  1. set the number of items
Windows Live:

  1. set the number of items
    ...but it's hard to find and hard to use
Net Vibes

  1. Refresh on demand
    ...this is a killer feature, particularly for email
  2. Set number of items: well positioned

Sub-Verdict: Netvibes has the better aggregator

Verdict: Netvibes rocks

I take back what I was thinking about the French. Netvibes is very cool. Leaves the billionaires in the dust.

(And no, netvibes aren't paying me to say this. Who wants their dirty French money anyway??)

Know any others?


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