Ten Goods Deeds A Blogger Can Perform

I've been complaining a lot on this site lately. And it's not just me. Complaining is a common hobby, a near epidemic.

But what are some GOOD DEEDS we can do with our blogs and our abilities? How can we turn our brains around and use them for good instead of evil?

Ten Goods Deeds A Blogger Can Perform

  1. Install a Firewall on your mother's computer
  2. Put virus scanning software on your cousin's computer
  3. Run a spyware remover on your brother-in-law's computer
  4. Backup your dad's digital photos to CD ROM and store them somewhere away from his home
  5. Teach your grandmother to use email so she can get in touch with old boyfriends
  6. Teach your uncle why he shouldn't click on attachments
  7. Backup your nephew's website. He doesn't realise that the webserver is about to crash
  8. Someone in your family is a genealogical enthusiast. Help them put their research online
  9. Pay for some of that shareware you use every day
  10. Bite the bullet and publish some of that code you've written in your spare time

That's all i can think of for now. Now I'll go back to kicking injured puppies.


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