Rory Blyth style shout out to my homies

  • Mike 'racoon hater' Gunderloy (RSS)- he da man.
  • Julia 'call me Julie' Lerman (RSS)- she really knows how to think in ink.
  • the ever persistable Roy Oshergrove (RSS)
  • axr - my beloved audient. (not a blogger)
  • loki, my cat. (blog currently offline)
  • Bob, the little protein chain from which all life evolved. (no blog.)
  • a big shout out to the 'system.xml.serializable' name space - you're still my favourite - all those other namespaces didn't mean nothing! me and you is like together forever!
  • Bill Gates - thanks for a great christmas party on your yacht bill. the lobster was excellent and sorry i chucked up on the skipper!
  • and a big shout out to the skipper. 'sorry' doesn't really cut the mustard does it?

cheers kids. And by the way Roy - next time you're critical of Rory try to be a little harsher. He wasn't even offended! Sheesh!


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