A thank you I forgot to say

In my last blog post I forgot to thank some excellent people who gave me a lot of help with NimbleText.

I spent about a fortnight in a private beta, receiving helpful feedback, bug reports and suggestions from Simon Harriyott, Atli Oddsson, Joseph Cooney and Rhys Parry.

A private beta is a great idea if you're trying to get your product up to the public stage. There's ample evidence that you only need a small number of active participants to run a successful beta. I kept the feedback from the participants separate (no shared email threads, for example) so that people's opinions wouldn't be unduly influenced. I quickly found the opinions overlapped on most of the mistakes I'd made. When the bug reports began to slow down and overlap, I figured it was time to move to public beta.

Meanwhile, one of the bugs discovered after launch was that I don't actually receive the payments that people make. They would end up at a kind of dead letter office at paypal. That was a pretty bad bug. I've fixed it now. Feel free to try it out ;-)


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