Using Books for Support and Technical Elevation

Maintaining a technical library in your office can elevate more than just your mind. What book do you use to prop up your monitor?

It's important to find the fattest book, giving the most lift, which is used least frequently, resulting in the least disturbance.

The general solution to the Monitor-Prop problem can be found by seeking a maximum to this equation:

Suitability(Book) = Thickness(Book) * Estimated_Days_Since_Last_Used(Book)

When I crunched the numbers through Excel Lite, the hands down winner was:

"Special Edition Using Access 95 - The Most Complete Reference"

(from QUE publishing.)

At 1300 pages, with over 1500 days passing during which the book was called into action exactly zero times, I challenge you to find a better Monitor-Stand.


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