Five More Things You Didn't Need To Know

phil haack, adam cogan and geoff appleby linked to me in regards to a meme called 'five things you didn't know about me'. and apparently for every person that doesn't continue the meme a cat gets shot. so here goes.

  1. The baby thing
  2. my excellent wife shaz and i have a baby due in four short weeks. This will be our first. my brother john and his wife allison had their first baby two weeks ago! and my sister jody and her hubby andrew had their first baby eight weeks ago. it's baby hour in the bambrick family.

  3. I has written four novels
  4. none of them published. if i could, i'd be a full time novelist.

  5. My first 'puter was an Amstra CPC 6128
  6. hence my first programming experience was with amstrad basic. mostly looking over my brother's shoulder.

  7. Here is a link to the first website i ever wroted
  8. welcome to the internet. includes the complete guide to the guitar for the beginner to intermediate to advanced player.

  9. i once tried to start a meme called "n minus 1 things you didn't know about me."
  10. If you were tagged by someone who had written "n" things (5 for example), then you'd write "n minus 1" things (4 in this example), and then you'd tag "n minus 1" people.

    For some reason it died out.

first i'm linking to everyone i know who's name matches this pattern "j%ooney". That would be:

next i'm linking to F# inventor don syme

Everyone on the internet has now been tagged by this meme. If you haven't yet been tagged, i have two tags left to give away ;-)


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