Why You Need a Domestic Robot

You need a robot for picking things up and putting them down.

When purchasing an item from a grocery store, for example, you pick it up and put it down seven times (code sample below).

This is ridiculous!

[continues with code examples]

The Grocery Algorithm

to the tune of... <pick your own tune>
drive to grocery store get trolley enter store for each item on the list: find it pick it up put it in the trolly. find the checkout line that looks shortest (note: it's not the quickest) while people are in front of you: do nothing. for each item in the trolley: pick it up put it on the conveyor belt. [Now we'll switch over to look at the cashier program] greet customer. for each item on the conveyor belt pick it up scan it no bag on bag holder? pick up an empty bag put it on the bag holder put the item in a bag. bag full? pick up the bag put it down the end of the counter. tell customer the price take money put it in the till give change. [switch over to look at the customer program again] for each bag on the counter: pick it up put it in the trolley push trolley to car. open boot. (i.e. 'trunk') for each bag in the trolley: pick it up put it in boot (i.e. 'trunk') push trolley out of the way. drive home open boot. do while bags left in boot: while i have the strength to carry one more bag: pick up a bag. no bags left in car? close boot (i.e. 'trunk') walk up stairs walk to kitchen counter while bag/bags in my hands: put it on kitchen counter bags left in car? so walk downstairs for each bag on the kitchen counter while items remain in bag pick up item put item away

Okay -- this continual picking up and putting down stuff just seems so ridiculous. And it's not out of laziness that i hate it -- activity doesn't frighten me. I like exercise and all that freaky stuff. But i don't like being programmed by my needs.

I read somewhere that while everyone wants a domestic home robot, we tend to value it at around 20 bucks each. But the upfront cost of development would run into the tens of millions. Personally, I think i'd chip in about fifty dollars if a robot could do the grocery shopping for me, forever. Without complaining or needing servicing.

All it's got to perfect is the art of picking things up. And putting them away. Is that too much to ask?


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