Fuzzy Search: Check this out and report back please, o lazy web.

type in the sproc or table name... hey presto it appears as you type! Even forgives bad spelling!

Ah-ha! A fine example of incremental search can be seen in JCooney's excellent add-in for SQL Server Management Studio 2005.

You begin to type the name of the object you're after -- and hey presto, using some mega-tricky fuzzy logic it finds every vaguely related to what you've typed.

Very useful if you find yourself performing Exploratory SQL Development -- or even if you just suffer NADD and can't remember the exact name of the sprocs you just wrote.

The fuzzy search feature is provided by Australian Micro-ISV Shuffle Text. At their blog you will find an incredible, epic and very honest post about building a micro isv.

The landing page for shuffletext highlight (their fuzzy search tool) claims:

only 3-4 lines of code required to get Highlight integrated in to your .NET app!

Bold claims! Brassy stuff!

How about this, o lazy web...

you check it out, download it for me, try it out, and get back to me: is it that easy to use?

Does the fuzzy search actually work? or is it just some crackpot hairbrain fool's gold banter from a bunch of ninkompoop hasbeen wannabe's? The sort of stuff JCooney usually includes in his 'works on my machine' code? Or is it as clever and easy to use as it appears?

Nifty tool... if we can find a way to include it in TimeSnapper then I'm sure we will!


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