Messenger Disgruntlement

MSN Messenger just interrupted me (and millions of other people), insisting on installing a new version.

I was stunned by its arrogance. Not the interruption aspect. I've come to expect that from software. (It lives to annoy, and I am its humble servant). What gets me is the assumptions it makes on my behalf.

Why would I possibly want to use MSN Search for finding things? They know they're not the best at this. I'm offended at even being given the option, let alone having it default to true.

And am I likely to want MSN as my home page? Sure it's possible, but likely? Are they deliberately trying to ruin my online experience? Is this why people say that microsoft want to kill the web?

This is identical to the problem old Jakky N. wrote about, five years ago, in an article on Mailing List Usability:

I'll check back in another five years and see if MSN get it yet.


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