Nerdgasm 101

Alright, I just had a total nerdgasm.

Joe Cooney showed me his copy of 3D Programming for Windows, which is indeed signed by Charles Petzold.

Brain-fluid is shooting out my nostrils!

Q: Why has secretGeek been linking to Joseph Cooney so much lately?

A: He pays me $106 per link out. Plus, I'm working on a project with him at the moment, which is an eye-opener. He has the insight. Wish I had the insight. He knows when to put on the enterprise hat and best of all he regularly fails to see the gap between reality and internets.

For example, when taking a photograph of a real world object he says:

"I'll just take a screenshot of this."

And, when he feels he's talked too much he says:

"i'll stop spamming you now."

I like to think that our relationship is precisely akin to that of luke skywalker and the frail, aged yoda.


Mostly because he's a lot taller than me. In terms of wisdom the relationship ought to be reversed, but i'm more an ideas rat: not into heavy lifting.

Note that there is a web page dedicated to adding captions to this image of luke and the yodalmeister.


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