It's the Little Things that Sh*t Me Most


Today's pet gripe: SQL Server Magazine.

This magazine claims to be "Magazine of the year".

Well, what do i think about that? I think it's a crock! A dirty, dirty crock!

While reading one of their articles, I clicked on "printer-friendly version". But, much to my chagrin, when I printed this so-called 'printer-friendly version' SOME OF THE WORDS WERE CHOPPED OFF! If that's their idea of "Friendly" then I'm glad they're no friend of mine!

When I looked into the problem a little deeper, I found it was caused by a criminally inappropriate used of the <PRE> tag. I've written about this particular nastiness in a previous entry (Open Letter To Technical Authors), but evidently the 'Magazine of the Year' wasn't listening that day.

Well, there you go SQLServer magazine: named and shamed. Suck it up, losers.


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