Live Mars Feed!

All week we've been getting some phenomenal high-resolution photos of Mars. Here's an amazing QTVR panorama! Unbelievable, it literally brings tears to my eyes.

Here's another photo taken just six hours later. The way the light changes, you'd guess it was a whole different season!!

The camera rotated 15 degrees to the south before taking this one

And this one, my personal favourite, was achieved by tilting the camera by 11 degrees higher.

But if you think sunset is romantic here on Earth, just wait until you see sunset on Mars!

The source files are 36 MB TIFFs. I've had to shrink and crop just a little to achieve these amazing images. Be sure to hit F11 to maximize your browser's window so you can see as much of the image as possible. I upsampled the images and am serving it with Aperio's image server software.

(Thanks to Ole Eichorn for the supporting text)


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