Continuous Integration, Plugins and Going Too Far

I quite like the Continuous Integration software 'Hudson'.

While it is from the java world, it has some useful .net plugins, and it is so easy to extend that .net programmers can get a lot out of it. This blog post is a good guide for .net developers wanting to get started with it.

One oddity about Hudson is that it uses Blue to indicate success, rather than the more traditional Green.

hudson with blue success marker ball

Perhaps this is done to help people with red-green colour blindness.

Either way, I was happy to see there's a plugin called "Green Balls" which changes the success images to green, rather than blue.

hudson with green balls

I thought this worked fine, and I was quite happy with the newly installed Green Balls, until we'd been running for a few days.

There was a loud crashing sound, I turned around to the build monitor and noticed something unexpected:

hudson with green balls and incredible hulk smashing the place up

Yes, yes. I am groaning too. It is bad. Yes.


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