Getting A Longhorn Of Your Own

Special guest Cornelius Krundaloopha would like to share with you his efforts to acquire the Longhorn build of Windows.

If you want to get your hands on a long horn, all I can say is "fat chance".

Mr Gates, he does not give his long horn to just anybody.

I told my girl friend, "all i want for my birthday is a long horn." she nodded and said "you and me both, honey." which is odd cause she doesn't normally like the computers so much.

She must have forgot what i asked for though because all she got me was some Chinese pills and a brochure about a operation i don't want to discuss right now.

(Continues... )

A vendor i know is a big micro$oft partner so i writes him and says "If you has a long horn can i get my hands on it?" but he is not replying.

At tech-head i says to everyone "can i get a long horn? can i get a long horn?" but this must be sensitive topic, very hush-hush as security usher me away.

this morning i finally hear back from the vendor and he says "ok, i will show it to you" -- and he is heading to my office immediately, he has cancelled everything else for the day.

i am so excited i stands up in my cubicle and shouts "Hurray! I am getting a long horn! I am getting a long horn!"

everyone must be pleased for me as they clap their hands and laugh a lot, it is very joyous. one man must know how precious it is and says i should keep it in my trousers. Another security conscious mans suggests i shove it somewhere else.

i book a meeting room with a big projector and i write to my manager: "All the clever young men who work here are invited to a special screening of our vendor's long horn. it is so big and powerful it will make your mouth water."

well, the developers was not interested, they is too ignorant, but several of the personal assistants are very interested and the room is soon packed.

the head janitor is a lady in her seventies and she must have a technology hankering i didn't know about as she sets herself up in the middle of the front row and she even borrows someone's glasses. She is quite excited and keeps giggling.

when the vendor arrives he is pleased to see me at first but when he sees the room full of people waiting to see his long horn he goes very pale and he says that this is not what he had in mind.

he leaves before i can say anything.

i am dissappointed, but i know i will get mine soon.

i hear robert scobble is a big long horn lover. maybe he will give me one.

FAITHFULLY sincerely


p.s. thank you secretGeek for letting me tell my story. i take back what i said about you.


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