Microsoft to give away Windows for Free... (maybe)

Okay you sick bast*rd, microsoft, why are you trying to make me buy things?

The audacity of this one just floored me.

A "Shop for music online" button turned up inside windows explorer, where I was expecting to find the "Make a new folder" button.

On closer inspection, the tenuous excuse microsoft have for showing me this button: One of the subfolders contains a three kilobyte file called "ping.wav".

Ah, anyway: I see the future now...

Microsoft will eventually give away their operating system for free.

Absolutely free. Gratis. Not one dime. Oh -- just two small "features" you can't disable:

  1. Digital rights management that stops all tinkering with the OS
  2. Contextual ads absolutely everywhere.

Clippy will be a laughable and funny guy compared with the monsters of contextual intrusion that MS will release in this forthcoming monster.

WHo am I kidding? I'd still use it. And you probably would too. Maybe I should start tinkering with ReactOS.

So here's my contextual ad:

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