Future Articles

Articles I'd like to write one day

  • Formatting Code for the web
    • the hard way
    • the easy way
    • the good way
  • About RSS
  • Release Procedures
  • Quotes I Hate
  • Quotes I Like
  • Manuscript Revision
  • Web Content Writing
  • Application Development Framework
  • "Generic" Applications
  • Recommended elements for a web page
  • Recommended elements for an intranet
  • Assessing a web design company
  • benefits of a web site
  • Groupthink
  • Prototyping for Feedback
  • BugAnxiety and GeekGuilt (BugGuilt)
  • UI Comes first
  • Feedback Fear
  • Perils of the 'Ultimate' Project
  • Project Burnout
  • Post Project Anxiety
  • Procrastinology
  • Project Guttenberg
  • Confessions of a ListManiac

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