Web Snob

You are a Web Snob if:

  • you say "URI" rather than "URL"
  • You say "ECMA script" rather than "Javascript"
  • you pronounce "Bayesian" correctly
  • You apply a title attribute to all your anchor tags
  • You say "anchor tags" rather than "links"
  • When assessing a potential employer the first thing you do is look at their website
  • When looking at a website the first thing you do is "view source"
  • From a distance of thirty metres you can tell if a fragment of XML is well formed
  • Your spelling is poor yet you type "<br />" rather than "<br>"
  • You know (without thinking) what '&#252;' means
  • You don't say & you **say** &amp;
  • You have your own Wiki, Weblog, web-forum and Webserver; yet you have nothing to say


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