The Greatest Chalk Talk Known To Man: 'Better than a license to print money: Build Your Own Tiny Software Company'

Build Your Own Software Company

Argh! Help! The panic! The rush! The doubt!

I'm presenting a chalk talk at tech-ed Australia next week and I'm suitably freaked out.

This ought to be a tiny, insignificant affair. Just a 20 minute talk on a topic I'm intimately familiar with.

But instead the preparation is rapidly turning into a gigantic survey of the entire history of thought on the matter at hand. I've plumbing new depths of philosophical intrigue in a quest for value-added deliverables and other dilbert-esque buzzwords.

Are pyrotechnics allowed? While animations are expected, what about fireworks? Rockets? Formation squadrons of jet planes zooming past at key moments? Simple costumes, makeup, smoke machines? Should I do my funniest dance??

What level of sophistication does the audience expect from its lecturers? Can I apply for, complete and be awarded a PhD on the topic within the next five days? If not, then am I a fraud? What books can I read? What lectures can I download? What fonts can I use in the talk? What props would be considered suitable and what props would be banned by local fire/terrorism regulations?

All I've heard so far is that I'm talking on Thursday morning. My name isn't in the official itinerary yet -- but don't let that put you off. Buy a ticket anyway ;-). I'll be there, I guarantee it.

The topic is 'Better than a license to print money: Build Your Own Tiny Software Company'

With no Frank Arrigo left, I must carry on the mantle of the short, podgy and enthusiastic superhero, all alone.

Come up and say hi. I get terribly lonely. Hug me.


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