Infinity LIMITed

Here's an interesting discussion about "Paging" (as in "please sir, may i have the next page of my result set?") in SQL Server.

I, for one, am very jealous to discover that MySql has a built-in clause called 'LIMIT' which says, basically, 'Get me fifty records, starting at record number 351. Please.'

How bout you yukon? You gettin THAT?? If not, then, well, you're just a stupid head.

Meanwhile, how cool is drew mclellan's blog design? And to think that people once scoffed at the suggestion of wearing an armadillo on the head.

(Here's a really good Code Project article discussing the performance of different paging techniques in sql server. Wow. I'm glad I don't have time to do that kind of research.)

(Some other comments about paging in sql server can be found on jospeh lindsay's blog)


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