Anxiety is a good thing.

I'm an anxious person -- always have been. And this doesn't have to hold me back, nor should it always hold you back.

Anxiety can mean that you spin your wheels when you feel you should be moving forward. Anxiety can mean you worry about things that never happen. There can be a lot of negative aspects of anxiety -- and an anxious person will be quick to point out all the negative consequences of their anxiety.

But come on, Anxiety is more good than bad. I'm always anxious to get things done. I'm anxious to please people. I'm anxious to do things well. Anxious means "eagerly desirous". I'm filled with desire -- I wake up bursting with ideas, I see something happen and I anxiously consider a hundred possible consequences. An anxious life has given me a fast brain, and the endless benefits that this concurs.

Sure, anxiety can be labelled as a mental disorder, with all the social baggage that this carries. And people can use their anxiety as a label or an excuse. But don't let the label overwrite the entire syndrome. Like anything there is more to it than just the negative connotations.

If you harness your anxiety, you'll reap tremendous benefits.

Life without anxiety -- no thanks.


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