The Bluffer's Guide To Yegge: Business Requirements R Bullsh*t

the hp omnigo was not built by people who would use it. instead it was built by people who imagined the people who would, perhaps, use it

All Steve Yegge articles are awesome, but no one has time to read them. If you are at a cool party with cool people you must pretend to have read all of Yegge's stuff.

To that end, here is the bluffer's guide to his latest article:

"Business Requirements are Bullshit"

  1. If development of your product involves a 'requirement gathering' step then your product is doomed
  2. Only build stuff for yourself

Examples include Steven's experience building the failed HP OmniGo range of Pamtop organizer products.

Strong analogies are drawn with Warren Buffet's investment style.

To sound like you read the entire article when you did not in fact read the entire article, just say the following:

"Yeh! I'm so going to buy a mountain-bike seat extender for my grandmother too!!?"


(If you are now compelled to read the entire article... well, don't come begging to me for a refund on your time.)

find out what the users want before you build it

The start of today's dilbert seems closely related to that latest yegge... though it goes in a different direction. (In the picture at right I've omitted all but the relevant text)


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