Space Ship One reaches great heights: fails to surpass Robert Scoble's Ego

It's pretty freaky how unashamed Bobby Scoble is of 'ego-surfing' [the process of searching for your own name].

On Scoble's link-out blog many of the excerpts have clearly come from his own ego surfing, as evidenced by the hightlighting of the search term ('scoble') in some of the snippets.

snippet from scobles link blog

He ego-surfs through pubSub and et al. Lucky for him he isn't named 'Smith'.

Many people would be ashamed to admit to ego-surfing. But not our bobby. Although I sound critical in the title, I think it's pretty healthy for him to have a strong self regard. Maybe the rest of us should follow his lead in this regard and stop our self-denigrating negativity.

(I first heard this term ego-surfing in a documentary called 'The Sweetest Sound' all about the intense love people have for their own name, as exemplified by the creator of the documenary, Alan Berliner. A really interesting doco, if you happen to catch it unexpectedly some tme.)

Confession -- talk of ego surfing just lead me astray, at Due to which I found Dropped Packets at DogCaught, full of good stuff.

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