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How to Left Pad, for real

You Feel The Blood Drain From Your Face (A DevOps story)

Pun-a-day service

Boothby, a personal database

So your domain has been stolen. What now?

24 things to do, and 100 things *not* to do (yet) for building a MicroISV

Sysi: the ultimate administrators toolkit

Original Premise for a road movie

Really deep linking: Url + regex

Can You Cure the Copy/Paste Disease?

Give and Take in the Software Industry

What To (Really) Do If You Find Out Your Parents Are Using Vista (redux)

Google AppEngine: evil virus or viral evil?

Meeting Frustration, Chaos and Despair Head On. And loving it.

Step 5 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Install traffic monitoring on your web site

Law of Software Contracts

Can You Fix My Printer?

Translating a little bit of (microsoft) double talk...

The Truth About Attention Deficit Dis... Oh, new mail.

Knuth on Software Patents

Test-Driven Hypocrisy? Who tests the test?

Step 2 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Reliable Hosting

Three Laws of Software Development

Thanks for a genuine belly chuckle, Joel

A moment to reflect

Go Al!!

Brisbane .NET Developer Position

Computers Programmers On TV Shows

Your Help is Needed

Embedded-Sql without Sql-Injection

Just keep zooming -- the resolution never degrades.

Court Fines Microsoft over Anti-Competitive Calculator

It's Not Saddam

Smartjelly Improvements

French Archaeologists Find First Website

Privacy Policy

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