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What is NimbleText (a story about cheese)

2018 By The Numbers

Think you're clever? Can you name each of these CASING styles?

NimbleText is now a Machine Learning Platform

I'm .ok you're .ok: introducing folder profiles for bash and powershell

2017 by the Numbers

2016 by the numbers:

Post Slackathon Wrap up

Less than 3 days until the Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon.

The Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon

How to Left Pad, for real

Which Uri Encoding method should i use in C#/.net?

A console.log() adventure

Sweating the Small Stuff

Solving An Air-gapped Traffic Mystery

NimbleSET 2.0: Death to the VLOOKUP!

How Bundling Doubled The Income of ''

Your First Product

The Nimble Bundle

Need an idea? Let me give you one:

A Dashboard For Everything and Everything on a Dashboard

Internet's Last Classic ASP Website Finally Upgraded

New product launch: NimbleSET

Happy new year 2014

Little tool for making Amazon affiliate links

NimbleText 2.0: More Than Twice The Price!

NimbleText 1.9 -- BoomTown!

Art of the command-line helper

Slurp up mega-traffic by writing scalable, timeless search-bait

The 'Should I automate it?' Calculator

Finding (and removing) duplicate files on your hard drive

NimbleText 1.6, Codename Jetboat

On Task Hoarding and Todo Bankruptcy

NimbleText: Origins

Custom Errors in ASP.Net MVC: It couldn't be simpler, right?

The 'less crashy' release of NimbleText

Setting up email for your microIsv

The NO Visual Studio movement: Compiling .net projects in Notepad++

A thank you I forgot to say

My new product, NimbleText, is live

Grabbing the free songs of Jonathan Coulton (with Powershell)

Using NimbleSet to compare lists

SQLike: A simple editor

Kitchen Agile

zen-coding: turn those CSS selectors upside down

Worst. Bug. Ever.

Prototype Ready for Launch

Who Would You Back? Really?

My First WPF Application - A visual tour

WSCG as a Batch File

The Principle of Scale: A fundamental lesson they failed to teach us at school

General Purpose Programming Language... Good For Nothing?

A weird casestudy in technical research

World's Simplest Code Generator: implemented in pure Javascript

Remove Duplicate Rows From A Text File Using Powershell

Is there a general solution to string templating?

What are the coolest XML projects? Really?

Demo: Exec-Inline, an Add-in that executes the currently selected code, immediately

Understanding JSON: the 3 minute lesson

Babysteps in PowerShell part deux: Variables! Real Proper Variables!

An Absolute Beginner's Babysteps In PowerShell...

TimeSnapper 2.0 is near to completion

a secretSneak to the quiet readers of secretGeek...

Marked up: Finalists for the 16th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards

the Best of secretGeek

Schnippetize your life

Delpino -- Last Ever Show

A Color Gradient Webservice

Another Day for Mort

Sexy Tool for Fast, Active Coding -- Any Language!

Simple Example of Using the World's Simplest Code Generator....

The World's Simplest Code Generator

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