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A bright and friendly engineer, with keen problem solving abilities and a very professional approach. I pride myself on my self-management skills, and my versatile communication skills.

Contact Details

(Full contact details available on request)

Technical Skills top

MS Visual Basic .Net2 years
  Including: .net Remoting, Web services, Windows Forms, Web Forms, component services
MS Visual Basic 6 (and lower)5 years
  Including: COM, ActiveX, ADO, ADO.NET, DAO, RDO, VBScript, OLE
MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/20003 years
  Including: T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Rules, DTS
MS Visual Basic for Applications 4 years
  Including: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint
MS Access 2/97/20004 years
Crystal Reports 5/6/7/8.5/94 years
Windows 95/98/NT 3/NT 4/NT 5/ME/20004 years
HTML 2.0/3.2/JavaScript/Jscript/DHTML/CSS/SSI/FTP2 years
MS Visual SourceSafe 6.0/PVCS4 years
Shell/Batch Scripting4 years
ASP/ASP.NET/MTS/MS Visual Interdev1 year
MS IIS/PWS/Apache1 year
C/C#/C++/Visual C++ 6.06 months
Sybase6 months

Qualifications top


  • University of Queensland, Australia, January 1994 - August 1998
  • Final Semester Grade Point Average: 5.2 (from a maximum of 7)
  • Thesis: "Lecture Timetabling Using Genetic Algorithms." Grade: 7
  • (available at:, coded in C++)
  • Course material included in-depth coverage of:
    • Structured and object-oriented programming
    • Database design
    • Managerial and Documentation skills

Employment History top


Description of Company

  • A provider of Call Accounting and Billing software to thousands of Australian and international businesses.

Position Held

  • Software Consultant

Projects with TSA

Systems Integration
  • Designed triggers to allow a contact management system to share data with a helpdesk system.
  • Skills: SQL Server T-SQL (Triggers, stored procedures), Visual Basic 6, Crystal Reports 8.5
CAAB Managed Services
  • Authored components to provide versatile reporting features for a complex call accounting package.
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6 (ActiveX, COM, ADO), Crystal Reports 8.5/9, SQL Server 6.5/7

THE CRESTA GROUP, LONDON (15/01/02 TO 21/06/02) top

Description of Company

  • A provider of computing services to European Banks and their multinational partners. Approximately 100 employees.
  • For more information see

Position Held

  • Senior Consultant - member of development team; provided restructure of systems division; interviewed and mentored new employees; DBA; intranet design/support.

Projects with Cresta

ASAP (Asset Securitisation Administration Program)
  • Provided development, support and design for a VB/SQL system which administers multi-billion dollar trade receivables asset securitisation deals. High pressure, fast turn around, extremely critical system.
  • Skills: Visual Basic 5/6, Visual C++, ASP, IIS, FTP (SafeTP), SQL Server 6.5/7/2000, Crystal Reports 6/7/8.5, MS Excel/VBA, PVCS
Atriax TestBuilder
  • Providing a GUI for an automated testing system for an Online currency exchange
  • Skills: Mercury Winrunner, Mercury Test Director, Visual Basic 6
  • Creating Active Server Pages (ASP) and general DBA for the company's CRM/Workflow system
  • Skills: ASP, SQL Server 7
Cresta corporate website
  • Managed all technical and design aspects of complete redesign of the company website.
  • Skills: SSI (Apache servers), FTP, HTML, MS Photodraw, Javascript/JScript
Rabobank Securitisation
  • Provided development and support of application used by leading bank for billion dollar securitisation deals. Extremely specialised technical skills and customer skills required.
  • Skills: Sybase, Visual Basic 6, MS Excel/VBA, Source Safe

GF-X.COM, LONDON (28/08/01 to 16/11/01)top

Description of Company

  • A neutral online exchange where shippers and airlines buy and sell freight space.
  • For more information see

Position Held

  • Lead Application Developer

Projects with GF-X.COM

The Offline Tools
  • Excel VBA spreadsheets in conjunction with Unix scripts used for entering and validating Airline data to be imported/exported from/to an IBM DB2 database
  • Rapid troubleshooting and re-development of an ailing system involved the removal of over one hundred defects
  • Provided system documentation and authored VB coding standards documentation
  • Skills: Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), FTP, IBM TeamConnection, IBM Unix (AIX)

BERWIN LEIGHTON PAISNER, LONDON (03/07/00 to 20/04/01) top

Description of Company

Position held

  • Analyst/Programmer, IT Support Department, Development Workgroup

Projects with Berwin Leighton

BLADE (Berwin Leighton Active Directory Engine)
  • Mission critical SQL Server 7 database of company personnel
  • COM object allows other applications to use BLADE data securely
  • Generates emails to key support staff when data changes
  • Acts as a workflow system for the support department
  • Consulted with user groups and provided feasibility reports before re-engineering the application
  • Provided staff training prior to roll-out
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO and COM), SQL Server 7.0, Crystal Reports 7.0, MAPI
  • Created "Hot Maps" for each floor of the building. Clicking on a desk location provides details of the occupant and links to other systems, including email, VNC, help desk, work flow, telephone system.
  • Information extracted from multiple sources, including security facilities
  • Assisted in coding an ASP version for the company's intranet
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO and COM), SQL Server 7.0, ASP, VBScript
BLAM! (Berwin Leighton Asset Management)
  • Extracts information from several 3rd party databases and compiles reports showing software licencing requirements
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 6.5, MS Access 2000, Borland Interbase 6.0, Crystal Reports 7.0
  • Designed and implemented an ActiveX COM Object for automated trapping of VB runtime errors in all in-house applications
  • Error information is logged to a SQL Server 7.0 database
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 COM, SQL Server 7.0
Various Other Projects
  • Maintained approximately twelve other Visual Basic 6.0 applications
  • Assisted with merger issues arising from changes to: company name; internet domain name; logos; structure of company; usage of computer resources
  • Experience with beta testing of Visual Basic .Net
  • Exposure to emerging web-based technologies including XML, XHTML and MTS

TECHNISYST COMPUTING, BRISBANE, (10/02/98 to 04/03/00) top

Description of Company

  • Rapidly growing provider of mobile computing solutions
  • For more information see

Position held

  • Analyst/Programmer, Development Team

Projects with Technisyst Computing

Mobile File Transfer Utility
  • Transfers files to mobile computers using the Mobile Data Network
  • Responsible for the complete design and development
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (COM)
Brisbane City Council - Water Department - Mobile Computing System Trial
  • Touch screen client/server application installed in six trucks
  • Provides work order allocation/processing and timesheets
  • Assisted in the development and management including site inspections
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO), Access 97, SQL Server 6.5
Brisbane City Council - Development and Regulatory Services - FieldConX version 3.0
  • Generic interface to allows existing client/server applications to be translated to a mobile environment without compromising performance
  • Used by over 300 Field Officers
  • Oracle and SQL Server backend databases
  • Designed and coded metadata communication layer using a format similar to XML
  • Provided all support documentation
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO and COM), Access 97
DATA000 Demonstration Prototype
  • Touch-screen driven application to operate in police cars
  • Worked closely with the CEO to develop a demonstration version
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0, Access 97
Various Other Projects
  • Experience with use and development of an ISO 9000/9001 Quality Assurance System
  • Nation-wide travel to promote Technisyst products to potential clients



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