Test Driven Dentistry Is A Good Thing

I saw this quote in the footer of an email...

"Test-driven Dentistry (TDD!) - Not everything should be test driven"
- Michael Fogus

I'm no TDD-lover, not by a long shot, but I dismiss the claim that you shouldn't do test driven dentistry.

I think you probably *should* do test driven dentistry.

First write your test:

   Put on lead coat.
   Perform X Ray.
   Assert: There are no unfilled cavities.

   Remove lead coat.

And then:

Run the test: it fails.

Fill the cavity.

Run the test: it passes.

The only special nuance of test-driven-dentistry is that you must resist the urge to refactor the mouth, as this would require re-executing your tests, which may cause unnecessary irradiation of the patient. Side effects are an encumbrance but not a show stopper.


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